OUR Manufacturing PRODUCTS


We design, manufacturer & supply for different types of plastic Moulds, Die sets, Affordable Micro Irrigation Technology & Agricultural Equipment, Implements and Agro Processing, Industrial etc.
Design and Manufacture industrial machinery
  • Circular saw,
  • Hammer mill,
  • Dough mixer,
  • Oil extractor and oil press
  • Different plastic production molds,
  • Dies,- Spares parts for industrial machineries,
  • Body and frame works,
  • Sheet metal works,
  • File cabinets,
  • Traditional weaving machinery,
  • Belt conveyer and many more.
Design and manufacturing of construction machineries
  • Different size mixers
  • Weigh bridge
  • Light rope lift
  • Different construction machineries
  • Blocket machineries construction
  • Brick machineries construction
Design and Manufacture agricultural machinery
  • Different type and capacity multi crop trussing
  • Pumps for irrigation
  • Micro irrigation technologies
  • drip irrigation- Agricultural tractor implements
  • Rice huller and polisher
  • Coffee,
  • Modern bee hive and many more.
Assemble CKD and SKD industrial and agricultural machinery
  • Small and medium scale harvesters
  • Tractors and implements
  • Agricultural and food processing plant
  • Industrial machineries
  • Construction machineries.